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Are you looking to give your customers a shared bite of class and sophistication? Immediately entice them and leave your customers staring at the floor glued to one spot as they quickly rush to the realization of their new found purpose and keep them returning to your store for some reason they can’t seem to figure out. With the high requirement of a commercial flooring system due to quite high traffic levels, continuous and vigorous cleaning, accidents and spills, a good flooring system is thus needed to ensure safety as well as beauty. Commercial Epoxy flooring is economical and highly effective that can tolerate highly demanding environments.

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Industries that use Commercial epoxy coatings

There are several industries out there that utilize Commercial Epoxy floors as their primary choice of flooring due to certain desired properties of the coating type which may vary from industry to industry.
(e.g. highly sophisticated machinery industries that utilize highly sophisticated and precision based machinery such as lasers or state of the art printers normally like to maintain a standard of purity and dust free environment) others include: agro-based industries, airports, retail stores, banks, malls, Hotels, packaging industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals which all effectively utilize Epoxy based flooring for one preferred property or the other.

  • Malls
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hotels
  • Agro-based industries
  • Airports
  • Packaging Industries
  • Restaurants

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy:

There are a plethora of benefits of using epoxy. It comes with a little maintenance and at the same time preserves the aesthetic outlook for a long time. The main benefit lies in its great adhesive property and the fact that it dries up very hard in a quick time.

Beautiful Design

Epoxy Flooring systems just look amazing! You can watch yourself! Your clients and visitors will like your place much more.


It can be hard to find a floor coating that is tough and resistant to chemicals and spillage as well as stand the test of time. Epoxy flooring, however, stands the test of time and can properly serve its purpose if well maintained. The epoxy floor thus renders increased durability to the concrete floor underneath it.

Super Easy To Clean And maintain

It’s super easy to clan the different types of commercial epoxy systems. If you will be one of our lucky clients, we will even help you understand the best methods for epoxy cleaning.

Service area of our commercial epoxy solution

We are local and can be at your place in less than 24 hours. We proudly serve all major Neighborhoods in the area including all MA Area.

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FAQs about Commercial Epoxy

Food industries are involved in the collection, production and packaging processes and such industries generally have high production standards. Epoxy flooring is preferred as it is tolerant to contamination from dirt and bacteria that may want to adhere to cracks and surfaces of other flooring types. Also, the easy maintenance and resistance to chemical spillage is another great advantage.

Epoxy floor coating has many advantages over other coatings applied on concrete.

  • It ensures a firm and durable surface to withstand high traffic and load pressure.
  • It is relatively quite easy to install requiring no high costing tool or process
  • It is resistant to oil stains, chemicals and damage due to moisture
  • It is easy to maintain

Epoxy is a floor coating, in this manner, epoxy flooring is notwithstanding other ground surface materials, for example, solid, cover or wood. In light of that, normal epoxy flooring costs extend somewhere in the range of $8 and $16 per square foot.

The epoxy flooring costs above can appear to be overwhelming, however, luckily, there are approaches to diminish your epoxy sap flooring costs: Epoxy Type, size of Project, Epoxy Color, Necessary Repairs, DIY or Hire a Pro!

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