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Confused about what flooring to use in your new home? Or need something durable yet cheap? Epoxy flooring is the answer you’re looking for! Our experts of Epoxy flooring in Boston can give you the home of your dreams.


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Epoxy flooring is the best option for house flooring as well as high traffic area like hospitals, office buildings, etc. It is the result of a chemical reaction that creates a substance, which is really difficult to break. It is applied on the hard concrete flooring that produces a tough coating, which is not only difficult to break but also makes your floor look beautiful. It is also pretty easy to clean so you can say goodbye to all your cleaning hassles.

Tired of your floors looking all the same? We know you want to change your floors and turn it into something dazzling. But such floorings really cost a lot of money and sometimes fail to deliver expected results. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Epoxy floorings are your wonderful solution that is durable, inexpensive and very easy to clean. So look no further and call your epoxy flooring Installer.

Epoxy flooring is being massively used for commercial purposes due to its durable properties. It has the capacity to withstand high foot traffic easily. Cleaning and maintenance is not a problem at all for this type of flooring. It can even add that bit of sophistication through numerous customization options and create a good first impression on your clients.

Garage floors don’t always need to be dull and gloomy. Garage floors bear the most hardships compared to other parts of your house. Epoxy floorings give you an inexpensive option to coat your garage floors all the while giving it a distinct look and sophistication.

Sometimes, during installation, it is possible for the epoxy to not coat properly. This leads to some problems in the flooring. There are three main problems that are very common, epoxy floors peeling off, bubbles in the surface or discoloration of the floor. But these are not major problems and can be fixed easily with the proper tools. For clearing your floor of bubbles, you may use grit sandpaper. For bigger clusters, it is advisable to use a floor buffer. For a peeling floor, you require professional help to mix the concrete properly. Hire your nearest epoxy flooring contractor to get your floor coating fixed. To hide discoloured patches of the floor, you can use a tinted sealer from your local store.

Industry floorings stand the real test of durability. They survive the weights of heavy machinery and other industrial grade equipment. That’s why industrial floorings need to be very strong to prevent frequent damage and repairs. Epoxy coatings are best suited for industrial purposes. They are wear-and-tear resistant and do not react with harmful chemicals that are used in the industry. First, the floor is covered with a material that helps close the cracks in the floor. When that is dried, the epoxy layer along with a primer is applied on the floor, which forms a strong bond together. Get in touch with epoxy flooring company to install your epoxy floor.

Metallic epoxy is a system that uses metallic elements with coloured epoxy. They create amazing texture designs like a lava flow, marble floors, etc. it is just another technique to add that extra bit of sophistication to your common designs. Metallic epoxy can be used anywhere in your room ranging from your garage to your bedroom. It can help you transform your house from bland to sleek and aesthetic. Metallic epoxy does not affect the quality of epoxy in any way. It will be just as durable and strong as it was before. With epoxy floorings, cleaning and scrubbing the floors will no longer be your headache.

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Basements are often the most ignored rooms of a house. But they also deserve some light and colour. Brighten your basement floors with epoxy coating. It makes your floors clean and durable so that they take the least of your time and worries.

Bathroom floorings are tricky business since it is constantly exposed to moisture. The main intent is to make them non-slippery for safety purposes and nothing can beat this better than epoxy flooring for homes, which comes with a lot of options and customizations. Additionally, you can choose a slightly abrasive floor coating option for your bathrooms to make them less slippery.

Kitchens are the soul of a house. But they are also the parts of the house that suffer from nasty stains and grease. An epoxy layer over the flooring can prove to be useful as they need the tiniest bit of cleaning. You just need to wipe them once and they will be as good as new.

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Questions about Epoxy

Epoxy floorings are generally durable and last very long. They require almost little to no maintenance. A daily scrub and recoating once in a while keeps it as good as new. They usually last 2-3 years depending on how much foot traffic the floor gets. If it is used for public spaces like hospitals, schools and industrial area, the floor lasts shorter than usual. Flooring in homes lasts longer as it receives very less traffic and has to endure much less weight. But proper maintenance can make it last longer.

Epoxy floorings are used for making high-quality durable floors for all types of buildings. Most commonly they are used for industrial purposes. Factory buildings and warehouses use epoxy because of its durable nature. Epoxy coatings also do not react to chemical substances making it more suitable for industrial use. It is less hassle in cleaning too. It is often used in residential areas and restaurants for decorative purposes as it can be heavily customized according to the client’s wishes. Epoxy floorings are becoming popular among the masses as a durable and inexpensive option for floor coatings.

There are many benefits to fitting an epoxy floor. Firstly, they are very easy to maintain. You just need to scrub it daily or wipe it with a floor wiper. Secondly, it is durable and not easily susceptible to normal wear and tear. You can place heavy objects on it and have high foot traffic but it will not break easily. It is highly resistant to harmful chemicals and therefore very safe. It helps to maintain hygiene in places like hospitals and restaurants where it is the main priority. It also enhances the look of your room. It makes your room brighter and adds sophistication to it.

 It is applied to the existing concrete as a liquid. After curing, it creates a very hard plastic coating that bond with the concrete. It’s a high time you do away with ugly concrete and a good look, not only that, epoxy flooring resists chemical, gas pillage, foot and vehicle traffic, abrasion water and much more.

Compared to other average floors, epoxy floor are bright and professional. Their appearance makes them very attractive and enticing. 

There are a number of reasons why you need to install epoxy from beauty to durability and safety. After looking at the benefits of epoxy flooring you’ll automatically see the need to install it in your commercial, residential or industrial house. Epoxy floors are very safe especially in the garage where they enhance visibility by reflecting light off the floor.

Epoxy flooring is more durable than normal coating. Epoxy is the result of the reaction of resin and hardener, which can be very difficult to break once it has formed its bond. The normal concrete coating cannot last that long without a protective coat of epoxy over it. It is friction resistant. It can easily bear the weight of cars and heavy machinery, thus making it a favorite choice among industrialists. It also provides a chemically resistant surface that does not erode with the reaction of chemicals as often other flooring systems do.

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Epoxy flooring costs vary widely on the type of resin used and the type of customization the customer wants. Each property of epoxy flooring has variable costs and depends on the customer’s needs. Epoxy is generally divided into three classes- pure epoxy, polyester resins, and epoxy acrylates, which have varying costs. The cost includes material, equipment, delivery and installation charges. Epoxy floor paints can cost up to $50-80 per gallons while professional floorings can cost about $500-1000. It is best to contact the epoxy flooring contractor and get a free estimate of the cost.

3D epoxy is becoming increasingly popular to add that extra oomph to the room. Technologies are expanding and it is possible now to lay down an image along with the flooring primer. Polyurethane is applied to the image next to add more depth to it. They are mostly installed to create a stunning visual effect and play with perspectives of the beholder. It is nearly impossible to break the surface of a 3D epoxy as it adds layers of materials to prevent wear and tear and they’re usually very long lasting. All of these factors make it very suitable for those business institutions which emphasize on thematics as it can be customized on many levels. They do have some disadvantages as they are more expensive than normal epoxy coatings. They also take about 3-5 days to be installed.